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Our History

In 1934, J.T. Allum & Company Limited ("J.T. Allum") began as a partnership, operating a small but thriving grocery operation on High Street, San Fernando, Trinidad. By 1943, it was incorporated as a limited liability company and its brand had grown to become one of the popular food retail and wholesale operations in the south of the country.

Over the subsequent decades, the company grew rapidly developing several landmark real estate projects and expanding its supermarket operations.

Developed in 1961, Allum's Centre is a two (2) acre property is located in the northern suburbs of San Fernando and has a combination of retail, banking and commercial tenants.

Developed in 1964, Carlton Centre is set on almost five (5) acres of prime real estate in the heart of bustling San Fernando. It has access to both High Street and St. James Street and it boasts of a large array of retail and commercial tenants with the largest privately owned multi-story car-park in the city.

In 1967, the company formed a separate trading company, Allum's Supermarkets Limited (trading as J.T.A. Supermarkets Limited since 1988) to manage its enlarged supermarket chain.

Developed in 1976, Cross Crossing Centre is a two and a half (2.5) acre property is located in the southern suburbs of San Fernando and has a combination of retail, food and commercial tenants.

In 2016, a subsidiary of the company, Corinthia Development Limited opened the ultra-modern designed C3 Centre. This 650,000 square foot shopping, dining and entertainment centre is now the leading mall development in the country.

Today, J.T. Allum has grown to become one of the largest property development companies in the country. It currently owns and manages one of the largest privately owned portfolios of retail and commercial real estate and it continues to manage a diverse portfolio of investments including J.T.A. Supermarkets, which is one of the country's largest supermarket chains.

J.T. Allum has an exciting pipeline of future retail, commercial, residential and warehousing developments that will continue to strengthen its long standing corporate brand and presence in the country.

Our Founder

Carlton K. Mack (1911 – 1995)

Carlton K. Mack (far right) with his brother and cousin before moving to Trinidad in 1932Carlton K. Mack was born in the district of Hock Shan, in the province of Guangdong, China in 1911. He was orphaned at an early age and through the assistance of extended family he moved to Hong Kong to work with the Allum’s family. By 1932, he accepted an invitation to work in their family’s business located in Trinidad, West Indies.

Once settled in Trinidad, his strong work ethic allowed him to gain the confidence of management and as a result he was invited to become one of the original partners in J.T. Allum & Company. It was during these post-Depression and pre-World War II days, that business was extremely difficult but Mr. Mack persevered and built a thriving business operation. By 1956, Mr. Mack became its main shareholder and began an aggressive and successful expansion of the group’s retail and real estate businesses.

Carlton K. Mack inspects a pineapple at the Marabella storeIn the field of business, Mr. Mack’s leadership transcended many other companies as he contributed to the growth and early development of business in this country. He made significant investments and contributions in the insurance, media, banking and construction industries. He was a former director of the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation (PLIPDECO), the industrial estate that has been integral in the development of Trinidad’s leading global position as a producer of petrochemicals. He was also a founding member and past president of the South Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (now the Energy Chamber), founding director of the Trinidad Express Limited (now part of the OCM Group) and Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Limited (now RBC Royal Bank). He was also a former Member, Board of Governors, Academy of Insurance.

Carlton K. Mack receiving the Humming Bird Medal (Gold) from the Governor General Sir Ellis Clarke in 1975 who later became Trinidad & Tobago's first PresidentIn the field of charity and community development, Mr. Mack was a very active contributor. In 1969, he single handedly raised monies for the local Scout Movement during a time of financial crisis. In 1971, after the Black Power riots, he was instrumental as a member of the Chinese community to raise $100,000 for the El Dorado Girls Youth Centre to assist in the development of young ladies in the nation. He was also instrumental in the establishment of St. Anthony’s College where he continued to contribute to the school as a Board of Trustee Member. He was also strongly affiliated with the Red Cross Society, Boy Scouts Association of Trinidad and Tobago and the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago. He was the recipient of two national awards for community work, the Scarlet Ibis Medal (1971) and the Humming Bird Medal – Gold (1975).

He was President of the China Society (1968 – 1991) was then made an Honorary President for Life upon his retirement. In 1985, the National Father’s Day Council of Trinidad and Tobago bestowed upon him the Father of the Year Medal. In 2013, Mr. Mack was inducted posthumously into the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce Business Hall of Fame. This prestigious award honoured him as one of the country's foremost business leaders that contributed greatly to its growth and development.

Mr. Mack passed away in 1995, and the business continues to be actively managed by the second and third generations of the Mack family, building upon his impressive legacy.

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