Keys to the City awarded to J.T Allum & Company

Keys to the City awarded to J.T Allum & Company



Presentation of the Keys to the City of San Fernando to

JT Allum & Company Limited

After 85 years of service to San Fernando, J.T Allum & Co. Ltd was presented with the keys to the city by His Worship The Mayor Alderman Junia Regrello at City Hall Auditorium on October 4th 2019.

In making the presentation to Carl Mack- Chairman Emeritus, The Mayor credited the Mack family with pioneering and revolutionizing the mall concept in Trinidad and Tobago.

Executive Group Chairman, Christopher Mack said the family was humbled and honoured by the gesture. He said his grandfather, Carlton Mack, an orphan, who came to Trinidad from Hong Kong to work at John Thomas Allum’s grocery on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, was the visionary.

“When John Thomas Allum decided to expand to the south of the island he offered my grandfather a one-ninth partnership as an incentive to manage this new grocery operation on 100 High Street. San Fernando.”

"That grocery evolved into Carlton Centre, connecting High Street and St James Streets, over the ten years it took him to acquire all the land for its construction. “That was my grandfather’s proudest achievement. Business flourished as grandfather had perseverance, hard work and foresight that very few are blessed with.”

“As a business entity, we have been part of the San Fernando landscape for 85 continuous years. This is no small feat. We firmly believe in nation-building so, in addition to our business investments we continue to support various charitable groups with a strong emphasis on education, religion and health care.”

The Mayor also congratulated the Macks saying the family deserved special recognition.

“The symbolism of the key to the city is rooted in trust, honour and the recognition of commitment and respect shown to those who were given this auspicious honour. Persons who have bestowed the keys to the city are considered to be true friends who would seek the interest of the city and its inhabitants. In this regard, there can be no greater exemplars who personify these ideals than the JT Allum Company and the Mack Family,” he said.

In attendance for the ceremony included Minister of Trade and Industry, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee Scoon; The MP for San Fernando West and Attorney General,  The Honourable Faris Al-Rawi; The MP for San Fernando East and Minister of Tourism, The Honourable Randall Mitchell, CEO of the San Fernando City Corporation, Mr. Indarjit Singh and Mrs. Singh, Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Vidya Mungal Bissessar and Mr. Bissessar, Aldermen and Councillors of San Fernando, key business partners and the management and staff of the various companies with the JT Allum Group.





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